DOTA IMBA LEGENDS V2.3.W3X You can prevent veto abuse by being very reluctant to use vetoes yourself, and by gently calling it out when someone else uses her veto too often. If necessary, you can also remind the group that vetoes are binding for only as long as the group agrees they are~after all, if a clear majority of developers wants X, then X is going to happen one way or another. Either the vetoing developer will back down, or the group will decide to weaken the meaning of a veto. You may see people write "-l" to express a veto. DOTA IMBA LEGENDS V2.3.W3X This usage comes from the Apache Software Foundation, which has a highly structured voting and veto process, described at dota imba legends v2.3.w3x. The Apache standards have spread to other projects, and you will see their conventions used to varying degrees in a lot of places in the open source world. Technically, "-l" does not always indicate a formal veto even according to the Apache standards, but infonnally it is usually taken to mean a veto, DOTA IMBA LEGENDS V2.3.W3X or at least a very strong objection.